19 Oct 2020

We are pleased to welcome Beconnectum, Urban Radar, and Geveko Markings, Connect4Engineering and Presca Sportswear on board of Cycling Industries Europe. Their expertise in offering innovative solutions for the increased well-being of cyclists and the reshaping of cities will be appreciated at CIE’s diverse expert groups. Whether it concerns supporting companies during their business development process, offering visuals and data analytics to enable collaborative urban governance, improving road safety, creating innovative and sustainable products, or offering high performance clothes, our new members all share in common the interest to put cycling first and ensure that the voice of the industry is heard.

The COVID-19 outbreak has marked a defining moment for the cycling industries. So far, more than €1 billion has been spent on cycling infrastructures in Europe since March, and we are  excited to unite the industry and get stronger together to further strengthen our position in the EU. Innovation is key to success and this month’s newcomers focus on collaboration in terms of partnerships, support, facilitation, etc. to be able to offer the best solutions to cities and reshaping of the urban mobility. Innovation is also one of the key areas of CIE’s work, which has been further strengthened by our commitment with the recently created Expert Group on Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and SMEs (further information is available here). 

Find out more about our new members below and get inspired and find out reasons why you should join CIE too! More details about joining can be found here.

Beconnectum – international experience in transport & logistics combined with a passion for cycling

Beconnectum supports and facilitates companies and organizations in developing strategies and solutions by looking at a broader scope than usual. Aiming to build a culture of innovation that is agile in an ever-changing world. Being a facilitator, mentor or business coach to provide insights and guidance in the transformation or creation of services and products that help you to create a future that serves our planet, your customers and yourself. An international experience in transport and logistics combined with a passion for cycling and sustainable mobility strengthens our aim to build a fresh and inspiring story that answers to opportunities the cycling industry is facing in the near future.

Connect4Engineering Limited– providing Business and Utility Management, Digital, and Technical solutions

Connect 4 Engineering is under the umbrella of Connect 4 Group which is devoted to bringing you emerging and revolutionary innovations that help us advance in our modern-day lifestyle by taking care of our environment as we call home. From the outset, everything they design and develop includes expertise from their founders, employees, and business partners to help better our everyday lives. They ensure that they are at the forefront of creating innovative, sustainable, and affordable products in the market throughout the production and manufacturing process as well as down to the consumer.

The company has a dedicated team who research and develop products by being community-led with conversations to listen and speak about ideas as well as supporting International and local governments to encourage personal transportation and green manufacturing issues. Furthermore, Connect4Group reinvests its profits to charitable causes and projects to inspire the next generation of innovators. Please see more about TK-1 Revolution on this video clip with Simon Calder here.

Geveko Markings– providing world class road marking solutions

Initially being specialists in horizontal markings, Geveko Markings was founded in 1924 and has started to produce road marking material in 1946. Today, the company is a worldwide market leading brand with nearly a century of expert knowledge behind them. Although being rooted in its history, Geveko Markings is always headed forward. The essence the business continues to be their passion for delivering high-quality marking materials and superior customer experiences.

By putting durability as a central theme for their products, Geveko Markings has become a  leading manufacturer and supplier of a full range of materials for road markings and decorative horizontal applications. In fact, the company constantly seeks to innovate to ensure that their manufactured goods are in line with tomorrow’s infrastructure. In addition to being built on a durable model, the  solutions from Geveko Markings help create safer infrastructures for all road users. Moreover, this company greatly values cooperation and strong partnerships with customers, specifiers, and authorities as it constitutes an essential part of their business.

Presca Sportswear – providing high quality, ethical, and sustainable sportswear

Presca Sportswear is a company based in Teesside, in the North of England, which has various remote hubs spread across the UK. Their team is made up of experienced athletes and committed environmentalists with industry expertise in environmental science, design, and business management. The core identity of the organisation rests on offering high performance clothes produced with sustainable materials and bases its production upon ethical decisions.

Since Presca created their first cycling jersey from recycled plastic bottles in 2014, the company has been on a mission to make sportswear better. They have established themselves as a key supplier for  custom, white label and branded sportswear to the cycling, triathlon, and athletics sectors. By linking itself with world-leading institutes, the company ensures that every business decision made seeks to support a thriving planet and the people who help to make our clothes.

Urban Radar– an independent third-party visualization, data analytics, and AI solutions

Based in San Francisco, California, Copenhagen, Denmark, and Paris, Urban Radar offers its sectorial and technology expertise to the public and private sectors. In order to achieve their mission of helping cities make sustainable mobility a reality, Urban Radar was created to assist public an private collaborations when it comes to the mobility of people and goods. Like a Smart City mobility control tower, the company brings out the full potential of Smart City mobility data, providing their partners with the means to visualize, analyse and understand the mobility patterns – within their territory, as well as predict and plan for the future.

With respect to the cycling industry, this means that Urban Radar helps cities to target their cycling infrastructure investment,  to implement adequate urban policies, and to measure environmental, usage and safety impacts. With the current COVID-19 epidemic and the influx of attention and investment towards the cycling world, if the cycling long overdue revolution doesn’t happen in 2020/2021, when will it happen? Let’s act together now.

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