24 Mar 2020

CIE welcomes new members on board: Bringing innovative, smart solutions to the cycling sector

Again, CIE has been growing and expanding its reach further with inspiring companies working on forward-looking innovations joining our community. They are facilitating recruitment in the cycling and urban mobility sectors, improving safety through ground lighting, using AI to optimize bike share schemes, offering cycling-specific business intelligence services and designing impressive solutions for complex problems and e-Mobility. All these companies are providing cutting-edge solutions to some of the main issues in recruitment, data analysis, cycling infrastructure design and product design. CIE is excited to see how these innovations develop and will help the wider sector overcome some of the challenges.

As the number of exciting members  are popping across the sector is growing, CIE is planning to launch an Innovations & New Business Models Expert Group to keep up with current developments and trends. Such companies are crucial for the development the cycling sector further, so it is important to create a group of pioneers for the sector. We hope to see many of our new joiners in that Expert Group, along with our existing members.

Read up about our new members below to get inspired and find out why you should join CIE – for more information about joining, click here.


biciTALENT – recruitment for the bicycle industry & urban e-mobility.

The CEO’s of biciTALENT have been working in the fields of recruitment, and business & life coaching for 20 years now, and they both have a passion for bikes. Merging their experience and passion, they founded biciTALENT, an internationally unique recruitment service for companies in the bicycle and urban e-mobility industry. With their 20 years of market experience and deep industry network in the fields of sports, bicycles and e-mobility, biciTALENT allow the identification and hiring of the best candidates for companies. They accompany companies throughout the whole recruitment process, from the profile meeting to the integration of the recruited candidate if necessary. In essence, they bring together employers and employees within the whole cycling sector – great news for CIE companies!


CIP MOBILITY GmbH – paving the way for digitalized mobility.

As part of the global operating CIP GROUP with HQ in Munich, CIP MOBILITY GmbH aims to enhance the market with innovative and light urban e-Mobility solutions that enable people to move into a digitalized future mobility. With their knowledge and extensive experience in global sales, production and supply chain, and their intelligent, multi-purpose, hybrid vehicles, CIP MOBILITY are at the forefront of the micro e-Mobility revolution. The customized B2B vehicles for short and medium distance offer a new form of personal transportation and logistics. The chainless, smart and connected digital drive system is entirely software-controlled, allowing for the implementation of tailored preferences and user scenarios. They have also created a unique smart tooling and assembly concept, capable of high volumes with continuous quality and high automation. Local production is efficiently scalable and offers flexible and non-seasonal availability.


Data Trails – guiding SMEs and big corporations through big-data use for business success.

With the availability of a plethora of data related to internal processes and performances, as well as external environments and positioning, choosing the right data at the right moment is a key to success. There are endless trails to follow on the way to business success and Data Trails is here to guide SMEs and big corporations on the right trails to reach the highest peaks. Data Trails will help you, your team and your business to create a strong data strategy, identify immediate opportunities and threats, manage the most complex data projects, and acquire a competitive advantage. Data Trails will cherry-pick, create and combine the best data, apply advanced data modelling and analytics to create easy-to-use interactive visualisations and story-telling reports that will lead to "data enlightenment".


Lakeside Group – showing you the way with eco-friendly ground lighting.

Lakeside Group have spent more than 10 years making roads, cycle routes and pedestrian walkways safer. By listening to feedback from their customers, they innovate and develop product designs to reduce safety and environmental concerns, whether that’s solar ground lighting, vehicle markings, signage or conventional road studs. Their solar-energy powered ground lighting, SolarEye®80, made its debut at Intertraffic in Amsterdam in 2014, where it was a huge success. It requires no electrical supply, makings its installation and operation costs very low. The SolarEye®80 has since then been re-engineered with help and advice of the Bat Conservation Trust to make a conservation friendly option. This kind of cutting-edge innovation showcases the versatility of the cycling industry, and how cycling solutions can also be transferred to other sectors. Lakeside Group are excited to join CIE and work together with our members!


Vanderveer Designers – creating products with character.

Vanderveer Designers are the product design team with a passion for ‘design that moves’. Dutch-based with a global mindset, leveraging strategic thinking with the art of a hands-on approach. They design product experiences that, in the widest sense of the word, move people and businesses forward. They steer towards simple solutions to what are often complex problems — creating ‘award winning’ product designs that speak for brands, resonate with people and stand out in the market. Their designs include the Toucan bicycle lock for AXA bike security, the Outback bicycle trailer for HAMAX, the Colour and Graphics Collection for Royal Dutch Gazelle and YEPP Bicycle Seats for Thule AB. Vanderveer Designers are looking forward to connecting with CIE members and working together on elevating product design.


Qucit – making cities more liveable, efficient and sustainable.

Qucit, which stands for Quantified Cities, believe that shared mobility, particularly bike sharing, is one of the main vectors of tomorrow’s sustainable city. Thus, they developed Qucit Bike, an Artificial Intelligence software for bikeshare operators to optimize the rebalancing and maintenance of their schemes. It consists of an intuitive mobile application for rebalancers as well as a dashboard for the operations manager. A key objective of a bikeshare operator is to encourage adoption of the system, which results in an increase in the number of trips made. With Qucit Bike, operators can support the growth of their systems, reduce their operational costs and achieve an excellent quality of service; thus it is the solution to optimize bike share schemes. Today, Qucit is live in more than 15 cities in France, the US, Canada and Estonia.

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