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31 May 2024

CIE is thrilled to welcome BikeWise, Vianova, SCALE Advanced Biocomposites and Luna Systems as our newest members. These companies, each engaged in different sectors of the cycling industry, share a common passion and goal—to promote cycling and elevate it to new heights. Their commitment has led them to join CIE and actively participate in several of our expert groups. Read more about our recent additions below and discover why joining CIE could be the next step for you here.



BikeWise develops purpose-built AI solutions to promote repair and circularity in the growing bike and LEV market.

BikeWise's software enhances data accessibility and automation, boosting profit margins for after-sales businesses. BikeWise's Virtual Mechanic, Sheldon, is carefully trained on hundreds of thousands of repair scenarios and data points, offering unmatched expertise in the end-to-end repair process. From advanced image recognition and precise valuation for trade-ins to ensuring part compatibility and providing detailed, step-by-step repair guidance for any bike or e-bike, Sheldon is shaping the future of scalable repair services.



Vianova is a company that leverages data-driven solutions and analytics to optimize urban mobility and public spaces. By translating connected vehicle data into actionable intelligence, the Vianova platform enables urban planners and policymakers to manage public spaces more effectively, make smarter infrastructure decisions, and enhance the sustainability, safety and efficiency of city streets. Vianova collaborates closely with cities and mobility providers, bringing together data producers and consumers to create more intelligent and responsive urban environments.


SCALE Advanced Biocomposites

Founded in 2020 by 20-year cycling and sporting goods industry veteran, Lance Johnson, in the heart of the French Alps, Grenoble. SCALE Advanced Biocomposites creates bio-based materials that make carbon fibre composites even better. Its materials unlock the full potential of carbon fibre, enabling bicycle manufacturers to improve performance while reducing both material costs and greenhouse emissions.

SCALE Advance bio-based materials also significantly improve stiffness-to-weight and vibration damping performance, providing the perfect complement to carbon fibre. Their low-density materials also improve impact resistance and durability in brittle carbon structures by increasing wall thickness for a given weight.

SCALE’s patent-pending BIO|Power and BIO|Control materials directly address the trade-off between stiffness/efficiency and comfort which has been exacerbated by ever-increasing performance demands throughout the industry – from aero to enduro.


Luna Systems

Founded in Dublin in 2020, Luna Systems is a computer vision specialist focused on mobility safety. In the shared scooter market, its solutions tackle sidewalk riding, collisions and disorderly parking, enabling operators to communicate with riders about specific events and providing data-led insights on infrastructural challenges. In the consumer two-wheeler market, Luna Systems is partnered with Qualcomm for the delivery of ARAS and rider safety behavioural analysis solutions. 

Concerning cycling safety, Luna provides rear vehicle proximity alert solutions to the B2B cycling market and will launch its first DTC product, Luna Oculus, in June 2024. This solution comprises a rear-facing bike camera and connected smartphone application, providing cyclists with real-time warnings for dangerous overtakes and automatic recording of incidents. Luna Oculus maps each proximity event, empowering cyclists to plan safer routes, as well as giving the option to share their blackspot data with other Oculus users and city planners. 

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