02 May 2023

CIE warmly welcomes new members on board: Cube International, Eightpins, Velopass and Bike Republic. While, working on different products and topics within the cycling industry, these companies share the same passion and goal to bring cycling to the next level. Get inspired by learning more about our new members below and find out reasons why you should join CIE too! More details about joining can be found here.



Velopass is the Smart ID provider that secures bike data and bike ownership. Velopass aims to improve the management and security of the cycling industry by uniquely identifying each bike and storing important data about the bike and its ownership. By working closely with bike manufacturers, bike stores, leasing companies, insurance companies and governments we aim to enhance the management of bicycles over different parties and reduce bike theft.



Eightpins was founded in 2016 by a team of mountain bike enthusiasts with the mission to develop the best dropper seat post. The integrated Eightpins seat post uses the frame as a standpipe. This eliminates the typical “middle” tube and seat clamp that is used with conventional telescopic seat posts. Eightpins offers up to 258mm of seat post stroke with a patented height adjustment mechanism. This makes seatheight adjustment as easy as adjusting a car seat and the seatpost stroke adopts individually to the rider height. The big adjusting range makes it possible to fit more than 99% of all riders. Eightpins is working on cargo- and city bike versions to make stopping in traffic safer and more comfortable. Almost all Eightpins parts are produced in Europe and an inhouse CNC production facility will start production in April 2023.


Cube International

Cube International is the world’s first organiser of E-Bike racing on the road. Cube International will be racing later this year with our first event and will organise at least four races this year in at least two continents. The plans for 2024 are much larger and we will have a global series. In 2023 and 2024 we are a single series race using one frame manufacturer and one motor system, with the potential to open this up in 2025. Our races will be short form with a team time trial to qualify, CX style gridding and a main race of around 40 minutes based on a circuit of 2 to 4 km located mainly in city centres. We are formally the FIM EBK WC which leans we are accredited and governed by the FIM. This is largely because our bikes have an unlimited top speed. We aspire to be as sustainable in our practices as possible and hope to be a catalyst for change in behaviours encouraging micro mobility in the cities we work with, our agenda will also include a conference to highlight this part of what we do. We would also really like to work closely with the industry to share learning about high performance Bikes and to ensure that rider equipment is matched to the performance of bikes as they develop.


Bike Republic

Bike Republic is a part of Colruyt Group – the retail reference in Belgium - and is the chain of shops for people looking for pure biking fun. Bike Republic wants to be a fellow traveller for its B2C and B2B customers. Someone who rides with them and on whom they can count, so all they have to do is enjoy the ride without a care in the world. For this reason, it focuses on an accessible service, expertise and high-quality products. In the shops, but also online at bikerepublic.be

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