25 Feb 2022

We are pleased to welcome Movium, Citkar and See Otter Australia on board Cycling Industries Europe! Coming from different parts of the world, these three members share acommon passion for cycling. Movium, a cloud based vehicle sharing platform, enables companies to work in B2B or B2C business models, handling the software part of the business. Citkar is a Berlin-based cargo bike manufacturer, passionate about finding new and sustainable mobility solutions for the cities. And Sea Otter Australia, is the only consumer bike Expo in the Oceania region, working to share the passion for cycling and connect riders all over the region and the world. The common goal of the companies? Changing the way we move and bringing the cycling sector on the main stage!



Movium is a cloud based vehicle sharing platform, enabling companies to operate in B2B or B2C business models. With the white labeled Mobile Apps and platform our customers can launch and scale their e-bike, kickscooter, moped or car-sharing services. Our partners are focusing on the business, Movium handles the software and the end customers benefits from the mobility services offered. 



The Berlin-based cargo bike manufacturer Citkar has dedicated itself to the development of modern mobility solutions and is paving the way for future-oriented, sustainable e-mobility in the city. With the Citkar, a smart connected, efficient, four-wheeled electric vehicle has been developed that adapts to the needs of delivery and services businesses alike.


Sea Otter Australia

Sea Otter Australia is the only consumer bicycle Expo in the Oceania region, where the ability for consumers to try and demo the latest products is a major driver for participation. Further, it is the only event that showcases the entire bike economy in one place over the long weekend in October - from bikes for all riding, personal recreation and transport to first/last mile freight and logistics, new mobile application technologies, smart city integrations, merchandise and wearables, future/micro mobility products and services, cycle tourism promotion and destination development, a range of bike education services and so much more.

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