08 Mar 2021

This month, we’re especially excited to welcome new members Cityzen, River Cycleway Europe and bikebusinessHUB on board CIE Membership. As CIE continues to grow and expand, we look forward to working alongside these inspiring and innovative companies!

Find out more about our new members below and get inspired and find out reasons why you should join CIE too! More details about joining can be found here.


Cityzen is the #1 Parking Operator in Greece, managing to more than 15.000 parking spaces in various car parks. Executing more than 2.500.000 parking transactions per year, we are in the position to know, recognize, predict, and realize all the needs which our related to our industry.

At Cityzen, our goal is to offer our extensive clientele not just the best possible parking services in Greece, but a holistic experience to cover their needs. At Cityzen, our top priority is our customers. “You first!” are the two words placed next to our name and our corporate communication, which precisely reflect and declare this choice we have made.

Driven by the needs, requirements, expectations, and high satisfaction index of our customers, our key priority is quality of service, covering all actions taken before, during and after the service provided, across an extensive range of services.


River Cycleway Europe

River Cycleway Europe (RCE), is a design innovation company established in Dublin, Ireland pursuing the positive disruption of urban transport sectors across Europe. RCE embraces the principles of a circular economy, promotes the growth of sustainable communities and advocates for the transition to 100% renewable energy generation.

With a unique approach that challenges conventional transportation thinking, RCE specializes in creating innovative, green-blue, water-based and resilient instrumented infrastructures which utilize the overlooked and untapped potential of rivers and estuaries for environmental data collection and clean community infrastructure.

We have created a unique offering and plan to scale our cycling infrastructure to major urban port cities utilizing rivers, canals, waterfronts, and other waterways. These designs prioritize the multifaceted and interconnected issues faced by European and global cities, specifically citizen and environmental health and well-being, pedestrian and cycling safety, traffic congestion, air pollution, flood relief, climate mitigation and adaptation. 



At bikebusinessHUB we matchmake startups in the bicycle market with investors and high performing employees in order to build a successful cycling business.

Within the last 20 years Till Kraemer and his team has helped over hundred bike & sports brands to find qualified management personal in the field of sales, marketing, R&D etc. By listening to our clients we have learned that apart of having a good team it is crucial to find the right financial partners in order to achieve rapid business growth.

Therefore, bikebusinessHUB offers startups a new service to find suitable investors which allows them to benefit from the excellent market expectations which are given to the cycling sector. bikebusinessHUB is the new venture of Till Kraemer - who passions are innovation and purposeful business models.

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