25 Jan 2021

We are delighted to welcome Ebike Cargo, NeXR Technologies and Velogik on board of the CIE Membership. We believe that their contribution to our expert group work will be greatly appreciated, in particular in terms of digital and technology-related knowledge.

Find out more about our new members below and get inspired and find out reasons why you should join CIE too! More details about joining can be found here.

Ebike Cargo LLC

Ebike Cargo is a US based startup specializing in the design of secure cargo systems for bicycles. We are an experienced, creative team offering well-timed hardware innovations with significant social and environmental impact and long-term global appeal.

Our highly compatible Velocker™ cargo system gives cyclists the ability carry more and lock it up. Our versatile designs have removable lids and can quickly transform to safely carry large items, passengers and pets. Our mission is to provide realistic, affordable, sustainable bicycle transportation alternatives.

With manufacturing, supply chain and distribution plans in place, we will strategically access markets through partnerships with bicycle manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Our website will be a one stop shop for bicycle transportation accessories with a secure b2b service portal. In addition to transportation cyclists, we will aggressively market to logistics, fleet and gig delivery organizations worldwide.

NeXR Technologies SE

NeXR Technologies stands for the development of technologies and apps of the future generation. The combination of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) form the extended reality (XR).

VRiday as an agency offers consulting, planning, implementation and publishing of VR Experiences for companies and brands. The technology of the business field 3D Instagraph is used for the creation of 3D avatars, which can be animated and integrated into virtual worlds with the help of the Motion Capture Studio OnPoint. 3D Instagraph develops and distributes its own 3D scanners and application software. The scanners photorealistic 3D avatars can be generated in seconds.

NeXR Technologies connects the know-how of its three business areas, scanning, motion capture and agency for VR Experiences, to get the best product for companies, brands, educational institutions and others.


Vélogik is a French company, based in Lyon, and born in 2008. We are specialists in the management and maintenance of bike fleets.

Vélogik is operating on 4 strategic areas:

  • Vélogik Maintenance: this initial activity of the company is dedicated to the maintenance of large fleets of B2B bikes.
  • Vélogik Compétences: Vélogik is responding to recruitment challenges in the sector by creating its training organization. The Campus trains people in cycle maintenance. Integration through employment is also carried out to promote the development of a responsible and inclusive sector.
  • Vélogik Réseau: Velogik aims to federate a network of maintainers throughout France in order to pool resources and promote cooperation between repairers.
  • Vélogik Digital: the company is developing a business software package dedicated to cycle maintenance professionals, marketed in the form of SaaS platforms.
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