22 Jun 2020

We are pleased to welcome Thun, PeddleSmart, Geovelo and Green.TV as members of Cycling Industries Europe. These new members show different ways of championing sustainability in and outside the cycling sector. 

This month, CIE’s new members are active both within and outside the sector, and have made sustainability a key to their business activities. From incorporating sustainable practices into manufacturing and developing multi-functional pedal electric vehicles, to using data to improve the cycling experience and championing sustainable transport through media and marketing, our new members are an indication of the diversity of opportunities when it comes to sustainability in mobility.

Sustainability is at the core of current EU discussions, debates, policies and legislation, with the Green Recovery plan, the EU Green Deal and the Climate Law. It is therefore exciting to welcome companies who have put it at the core of their businesses. CIE looks forward to working alongside them on strengthening the key role of cycling in sustainable mobility, tourism and sport.  

Read more about our new members below - if all this sustainability talk sparked your interest, join us!

Thun - bringing sustainable practices into bicycle components manufacturing.

For more than 100 years, Thun has been producing and distributing components for bicycles. The family business, located in Ennepetal, Germany, particularly focuses on transmission parts such as bb-sets and sensor technology for e-bikes. Components by Thun are successfully sold worldwide. Thanks to its superior technology Thun has become world market leader. Thun is currently developing its own CSR Strategy and became a CIE member to support advocacy for cycling culture. They are excited about the CSR-centered CIE expert groups, which will serve as a catalyst concentrating our collective energies, initiatives, and values on promoting sustainable practices. “As a company we are wasting time and resources going after advocacy alone. We can have more influence by teaming with the rest of the industry, which is why we welcome any opportunity, like CIE, to have an impact beyond our regular business context”, comments Leury Kerpen, CSR-Manager at Thun.

PeddleSmart – affordable and sustainable urban mobility.

PeddleSmart’s vision is to disrupt the commercial and consumer transport market by introducing a range of zero-carbon emission pedal electric vehicles, FlexiQuad, which benefit multiple transport sectors, helping reduce pollution, congestion and operational costs within our towns and cities, utilising bus & cycle lanes and pedestrian areas. Leading to cleaner, quieter, safer and healthier towns & cities. Designed for urban spaces and last-mile deliveries, PeddleSmart’s range of FlexiQuad vehicles are Carbon Neutral and offer high capacity, interchangeable delivery trailers. Manufactured in Scotland and available to pre-order in 2020, they are a low-cost, healthy and planet-friendly way to transport people, products and things, and help to overcome transport challenges identified in urban city development programs.

Geovelo – the app that guides cyclists.

Geovelo is a pioneer in calculating bicycle routes, its objective being to promote the daily use of bicycles. They have developed a free navigation app helping cyclists find safer and more adapted routes. The app includes many other features, such as touring rides, activity detection, bike challenges, Waze-like reports, and more. Thanks to its 250.000 users, Geovelo is able to provide a lot of interesting data to cities, allowing them to better understand the way cyclists move in their streets – including route preferences, which roads they avoid, their average speed on each street, road condition, dangerous spots, etc. In this dashboard, cities also have access to the reports being sent by the Geovelo users through the app (potholes, dangerous roads, etc.). With this, Geovelo has become a key player in the digital low-carbon travel chain and intends to deploy its modular ecosystem internationally.

Green.TV – putting sustainability at the heart of media & marketing.

Green.TV is the sustainability media and marketing company that launched 14 years ago in partnership with UN Environment. Green.TV is a champion of sustainable transport – particularly of cycling and e-bikes in both their professional work and their personal lives. For Green.TV, communications is of crucial importance to educate and excite audiences about the enjoyment of cycling as well as the benefits of sustainable transport. Green.TV is thrilled to partner up with CIE to really propel our mutual work to champion the cycling sector at this crucial juncture for the two-wheels business community. By businesses – across multiple sectors, including media and marketing – working together, we see a bright future for cycling. 

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