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15 Apr 2024

CIE is delighted to welcome The Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center and Retyre as our newest members. These companies, involved in several different areas of the cycling industry, all share the common goal to foster industry growth and increase ridership. Discover more about our recent additions below and learn why joining CIE could be the next step for you here.

The Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center

Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center (CHC) was established with the support from the Ministry of Economic Affairs (R.O.C.) and the Taiwanese Cycling Industry in 1992. The CHC remains dedicated to facilitating industry growth, continuing to enhance Taiwan's Cycling and Health sectors and elevate their competitiveness in the global market.

CHC’s s roles and objectives include Operating as a platform for innovative bicycle design services, conducting research and development in bicycle technology, exploring manufacturing technology research and its application, formulating industry standards and offering testing services and providing training and fostering talent. Presently, CHC is engaged in projects supported by the Industrial Development Administration, MOEA, and the Department of Industrial Technology. Notably, the CHC is also part of the Iron Triangle which also include Taiwan Bicycle Association (TBA) and Bicycling Alliance for Sustainability (BAS), the top 3 bicycle associations serving Taiwan’s bicycle industry.


reTyre is pioneering a sustainable shift in the tire industry, leading with its groundbreaking, eco-friendly technology to produce rubber-free tires. This innovation marks reTyre as the first globally to offer such a sustainable alternative, featuring a product line that includes solutions for bicycles, e-bikes, and more. By prioritizing both environmental responsibility and the enhancement of product performance and longevity, reTyre is setting new industry standards and contributing significantly to ecological preservation.

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