01 Mar 2024

CIE is delighted to welcome Crow Bicycles, Pinbike, Lanterne and Vélogik as our latest members. These companies, involved in several aspects of the cycling industry, all unite in a shared passion and goal—to promote cycling and elevate it to new heights. Read more about our recent additions and learn why joining CIE could be the next step for you! Find additional information on the joining process here.

Crow Bicycles

Crow Bicycles is more than an ebike brand, is an online configurator where cyclists from all over the world can design, purchase, and order the assembly of their own ultra-light electric bicycle. Based on pre-established product platforms (frame-motor), they can choose the colour, handlebar width, stem length, seat post, saddle, or fork, ensuring the bike is perfectly tailored to their needs. CROW Bicycles was born to change the established rules of traditional, outdated bike production and commerce. By empowering the end customer, cyclists, with the accumulated expertise and knowledge spanning nearly two decades from the CROW team in manufacturing, design, and marketing, the company offers a one of a kind direct-to-consumer approach in the industry.

Pin Bike

Pin Bike is the patented system certifying, monitoring, and gamifying sustainable urban transport (walking, cycling, public transport, carpooling). This allows smart cities', companies', and schools' mobility managers to nudge travel behavioural change by rewarding sustainable citizens, employees, and students with economic incentives to be spent in local shops.


Lanterne is the productivity platform for shared and connected fleet operations. Leveraging AI-powered algorithms, Lanterne aids connected fleets, such as bike share programs, in boosting their vehicle utilization, operational efficiency, and tracking fleet performance. Its mission is to expedite the transition towards sustainable transport.


Since 2008, the Vélogik group, known for its beadings and significant role in bike maintenance in Europe, has consistently provided reliability and expertise. While historically focusing on B2B maintenance, Vélogik is currently expanding into B2C maintenance, skill training, and the development of digital business management tools. With its ISO 9001 certification, Vélogik continues to ensure optimal performance for your equipment.

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