17 Sep 2021

From project developers in the shared micromobility space, to the technology innovators of the cycling industry, CIE warmly welcomes onboard new members Shared Micromobility, New Motion Labs, and Zehus!

Find out more about our new members below and get inspired and find out reasons why you should join CIE too! More details about joining can be found here.


Shared Micromobility

Shared Micromobility offers consulting services for shared bikes, e-bikes and e-scooter services. With 8 years of experience, we are able to lead your whole project or advise on hardware and operations to make your project successful. We focus on small operators and new markets to generalise access to shared micromobility and therefore act as project developers to support local project promoters. We finally work on content production to give more visibility to your company thanks to deep industry knowledge.


New Motion Labs

New Motion Labs is an exciting mechanical engineering startup dedicated to developing revolutionary designs and technologies, then forming license and manufacturing partnerships to bring products to market. 

Enduo technology is a unique method of engaging on both sides of the sprocket tooth to transfer power more effectively, leading to significant increases in efficiency, lifetime, also enabling size and weight reduction and the use of more sustainable materials. The Enduo Evolve is a revolutionary sprocket and chainring design that uses conventional roller-chains to increase drivetrain performance. There are two current iterations of this technology: 

1) The Enduo Evolve Track Line, helping elite cyclists to cycle faster and win more medals by increasing power-transmission efficiency, and

2) The Enduo Evolve Cargo Line, helping cargo e-bike delivery services and fleets to reduce downtime by improving drivetrain reliability and lifetime.



Zehus SpA is the e-mobility division of Eldor Corporation, an international group founded in 1972, leader in the automotive industry with a focus on sustainable mobility solutions.Thanks to crossfield innovation while leveraging on state-of-the-art industrialization capabilities within Eldor, Zehus aims to become a leading drivetrain technology provider in the e-bike and light electric vehicles industries. 

Zehus current products include our unique All-In-One drivetrain, the lightest complete drivetrain in the world, where motor, battery, and electronics are all integrated in a single cable-less system. In its Bike+ version, we have realized the first drivetrain that does not need to be recharged, ever. Our goal is to leave the planet better than how we found it.

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