02 May 2023

The CIE Team heads for Leipzig next week for Velo-city 2023, the annual world cycling summit where cities, policy-makers, researchers and industry leaders meet to shape the future of cycling. We’ve outlined a few of our most prominent events and sessions, so mark your calendars and join us!

Women in Cycling Panel: Women Leading the Transition

When: Tuesday, 9 May 12PM-1PM

Where: Multipurpose 1

What do Paris, Barcelona and Bonn have in common? They are all run by female mayors and are heavily invested in the shift towards a sustainable and active mobility transition. It’s not only in the city administrations but also in the industry, advocacy sector, urban planning and research that more women are leading and taking a new turn. Is a feminist and intersectional vision more inclusive to different mobility needs? How can we promote a more fair, equitable mobility system that is suitable to everyone? How can we support each other with a cross-stakeholder approach? How can the women already in power make sure more women will follow? How can we make systematic changes for more equal working conditions in the cycling sector? How can we attract more women to work in the cycling sector? Join us in tackling these questions together with the Velo-city audience and an inspiring panel of women speakers!

Women in Cycling Networking Drinks - Open to all to all genders! 

Women in Cycling, Women in Mobility and Women Mobilize Women invite all women (and supporters) for networking drinks at the Schauwald Bar in the district of Plagwitz. Register now and join us on Tuesday evening 9 May at 20:30 CEST in Leipzig! Please note: Registration is mandatory, sign up here!


Maximising Social Benefit and Business Success in Cycle Logistics

When: Tuesday, 9 May 10:45-11:45

Where: Hall 2

More and more cities are clogged and congested due to van use for last-mile logistics. Whether this be for ecommerce deliveries or SMEs and tradespeople using vans to reach their clients, European cities are reaching breaking point. Cycle logistics and the use of cargo bikes for urban deliveries must therefore be a key fixture to the SUMPS and SULPs that these cities put in place in the next two years. It is clear that cycle logistics not only avoid the negative externalities of van use (noise, congestion, and road safety among others), but also improve worker health and well-being. This session will deep-dive into policy aspects and challenges that cities face in light of drafting and implementing SUMP and SULPs, particularly in support of cycle logistics. It will also look at how cycle logistics companies are developing their operations and how upscaling of their operations is improving social and ecological benefits.


Mountain Bike Reception Velo-City / Leipzig

When: Tuesday May 9, 19.00-23.00
Where: Veranstaltungstonne, Moritzbastei,  Kurt-Masur-Platz, Leipzig

IMBA Europe, Mountainbike Tourismusforum Deutschland, Zweirad-Industrie-Verband and Cycling Industries Europe warmly invite you to join us for a celebration of mountain biking during Velo-City in Leipzig, Germany May 9 19.00-23.00 at the Moritzbastei cultural centre.

Mountain biking contributes to European cycling goals and strengthens cycling communities by fostering cycling culture, especially among impressionable youth and marginalised groups. When mountain biking is easily accessible with trails close to population centres, it can also contribute to the public health benefits associated with cycling in general, replace cars for journeys to experience nature and outdoor recreation and strengthen local economies and the breadth of goods and services available to cyclists. 

European cycling policy needs to ensure that mountain biking is included alongside other cycling-friendly initiatives and investments, and that access to trail networks is ensured for the European mountain bike community.

Come mingle, share your experiences, and learn from mountain bike enthusiasts and advocates while enjoying free drinks, finger food, and light entertainment. Register here!


Plenary 3: Pedaling from the Energy Crisis Towards Thriving Climate Economies

When: Wednesday, 10 May 9-10:15AM

Where: Hall 1

Sustainable economic activity is only possible with investments in carbon-reducing and less polluting solutions. More cycling will make us less energy dependent, generate employment, help tackle the climate crisis and alleviate health budgets. It can play a key role in creating new green jobs in a range of diverse sectors and thus contribute significantly to the transition towards green economies. This session will position cycling and active mobility at the core of the shift towards thriving climate-neutral economies, with CIE’s CEO, Kevin Mayne.


How to make a successful bike share scheme

An interactive session with leading bike share experts.

When: Thursday, 11 May 2:15PM

Where: Hall 4

  • An interactive workshop by experts for experts
  • Round table discussions between cities and bike share operators
  • Main topics: financing, sustainability, accessibility, vandalism

How to make a successful bike sharing scheme? Come and ask your questions directly from the world's leading bike sharing providers, who have years of expertise from different operating models. This session will be held in a format of roundtables, sharing experience between city representatives and bike share experts. You will hear about what has worked and what has not and get a chance to discuss your needs and questions directly with all operators and therefore, get conceptual certainty about the type of bike sharing you are considering or further develop the existing scheme in your city.

In individual working groups, we will work on the main topics of financing, sustainability, accessibility and vandalism followed by a joint session where results from each round table will be shared. You will get a snapshot of all the most important points for a successful bike sharing.

Please note that this is an interactive workshop with limited seating capacity – first come, first served!


Back to the future: Connected cycling for a better experience

When: Friday, 12 May 10:15-11:15

Where: Multipurpose 1

This session will focus on innovation in cycling and Intelligent Transport Systems. Off the back of the Bicycles and Intelligent Transport Systems (BITS) project, Cycling Industries Europe and partners of the MegaBITS project plan to push the envelope even further when it comes to connected cycling. The session will bring together representatives from the City of Copenhagen, the City of Hamburg, the Province of Overijssel, Hermes Traffic Intelligence, and Cycling Industries Europe to dig deeper into how cycling and ITS has developed and progressed over the recent years, where the main blockages remain, and where there is room for connected cycling to grow in the years ahead.

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