22 Jun 2020

Wednesday’s open webinar is the launch of a new CIE Expert Group for cycling companies, planning to tackle some of the big questions about the growth, sustainability and impact of cycling and its emerging markets. 

During the webinar we will be releasing exciting new insights and business surveys, many of which have never been published or analysed in this format before.These include the latest update of CIE’s Business Impact Survey, showing that many of CIE’s members are pulling out of the COVID recession, but not all are there yet. European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) will show the underlying potential in the market, calculating that COVID recovery cycling investments by governments will soon top €900Million. Case studies will bring together multiple new insights including 60% growth in cargo bike sales in Europe, 400% increases in cycle use in some locations and evidence that bike prices can triple when supported by government incentives.

CIE believes that teaming up companies with NGOs, academia, and the public sector for better data collection can only increase knowledge for all. The use of crowdsourcing and big data to generate better datasets on cycling across Europe, an area where there is big potential for collaboration between innovative companies. The result will be a better understanding of the relationship between infrastructure, promotion, incentives, products, sales and use.

Gathering evidence like this is an essential role for trade associations like CIE. A trade association can gather aggregated data, make cross sector comparisons, commission research and present findings in a neutral manner that maintains a fair and transparent market for its sector. Companies can use a trade association to share their insight and knowledge for the good of the whole sector. 

The more companies that join the Expert Group the better the knowledge base will be. Every company that works in any area of the cycling market should join CIE’s Expert Group to be on the inside track in market forecasting, whether it is for Industrial forecasting or identifying gaps in cycling knowledge. 

Join us on Wednesday 24th June to find out more. Register here!

Image: See.Sense.

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