Women in Cycling is a new initiative launched by CIE, ECF, Velokonzept, Mobycon and CONEBI aiming to help women to get more visibility, impact and leading seats in the cycling industry and in the entire sector. We welcome all women working in the cycling sector to join us to shape the sector forward!

Women in Cycling seeks to boost equality and diversity in the sector, bring women working in the cycling sector in the spotlight and to provide networking, mentoring and training opportunities. We seek to facilitate a platform which will improve the presence of women in board places, panels, conferences, interviews and jobs.

«Gender diversity is an essential ingredient for any industry as it drives innovation, opens new pathways for technology deployment and brings valuable perspectives to social and economic development»

Reducing gender inequality makes economic sense apart from being the right thing to do, concludes a World Bank report. While a plethora of reports show that reducing gender inequality makes economic sense, men continue to dominate the cycling industry.

The cycling sector is traditionally a male-dominated industry in all sectors (design, sales, marketing). On the one hand there is a huge skills shortage in the cycling industry on the other hand the industry fails to attract diverse groups. As a consequence, gender inequality is even more prevalent at decision-making levels. Women are generally under-represented on company boards and among senior management positions, as well as in politics. As a result, the few women who manage to secure top positions are often less well connected with their peers than their male colleagues.

With this in mind, we want to create women’s network for the cycling sector to give a voice to and increase the number of women in the industry and sector as a whole.


To kick off Women in Cycling network we welcome you to join the discussion by joining our LinkedIn Group and start engaging with women from all over the world.

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If you are interested in speaking opportunities, interviews or jobs sign up with your LinkedIn profile below by specifying your area of expertise in the cycling sector.

The purpose of this portal is to give a voice for women working in the cycling sector through increased visibility and influence. 

Are you looking for women speakers for your events and conferences? Start searching through our women expert profiles.

Clarisse de Cerjat

Clarisse de Cerjat

Trainee, Cycling Industries Europe

Brussels, Belgium

Communications and projects at CIE.

Florence Grégoire

Florence Grégoire

EuroVelo and Communications Assistant, European Cyclists' Federation

Brussels, Belgium

Cycling tourism, communications

Anna-Lena Scherer

Anna-Lena Scherer

Public Affairs Manager, CONEBI

Brussels, Belgium

Advocacy regarding the Bicycle Industry and associated technical regulations

Isabell Eberlein

Isabell Eberlein

CEO, Velokonzept

Berlin, Germany

Innovation and Start-Ups Future Trends in Cycling Cycling Mobility for all Promoting Women and ...

Jill Warren

Jill Warren

co-CEO, European Cyclists' Federation

Brussels, Belgium

co-CEO of the European Cyclists' Federation (ECF). With 76 members in 46 countries, ECF promotes ...

Monika Sattler

Monika Sattler

Marketing Manager, DT Swiss

Biel, Switzerland

From my cycling record being the first woman in history cycling the Vuelta a Espana at the same day ...

What we do

Happening now


  • Boosting diversity in the cycling sector

    As part of the activities supporting the launch of the Women in Cycling network, CIE and its partners have designed a survey to gain a first insight into the state of affairs in terms of gender diversity among member companies and organisations. 

    See the survey here, the results will be published soon.


Ambassadors are inspiring women who strongly believe in creating greater gender diversity in the cycling sector and who would like to transfer their knowledge and experience to empower women in the cycling sector. Interested in becoming an ambassador or mentor for Women in Cycling? Contact us for more information.

Irene McAleese, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at See.Sense

I am delighted to support the Women in Cycling Network. The industry can really benefit in so many ways from having more women involved in decision-making, and I think it is important we help raise awareness of this. I commit to supporting the values of this network and being actively involved

Johanna Jahnke, Podcaster and Sport Mental Trainer

I support "Women in Cycling", because we need more diversity and inclusion in the cycling industry. An empowering network and a connecting platform is crucial to enable change.

Karen Vancluysen, Secretary General of Polis

Working on sustainable urban mobility is my daily life, cycling is my daily mode and mood, so I did not need a minute to think about joining this wonderful Women in Cycling initiative. Making women in the sustainable mobility and cycling sector more visible and attracting many more to join this community is an important cause I look forward to contributing to.

Karla Sommer, Founder of the agency Velokin

For the last 15 years I have been working in the cycling sector and I simply love my job. However, there have been difficulties and I always had to prove that I am better than my male colleagues. I do believe that we need more visibility for women in the industry, more attention on what diverse teams can achieve and more respect towards women in the industry. I would like to support women to do their first step into the industry and I am looking forward to work on the visibility and perception of women in the industry.

Marianne Weinreich, Market manager Smart Mobility at Ramboll

I’m very happy to join Women in Cycling. I’ve been working with cycling policy and promotion for 20 years. From experience I know that we need more women in the sector, we need more planning and designing for women’s needs, we need to show girls and women around the World that cycling is a great means of transport – we need to normalize cycling for women.

Maryam Asgaripour, Traffic Engineer, Transportation Planner, Active Transportation Specialist in Tehran

Human beings can save a society by reducing their suffering and increasing their inner happiness. The best means of creating this feeling in humans, especially women, is bicycling.

Monika Sattler, Endurance cyclist, marketing manager, motivational speaker and author

I am thrilled to be part of the Women In Cycling initiative. I am looking forward to bringing my knowledge from living and breathing cycling to the network and empower women to reach beyond their perceived limits by overcoming challenges through determination, goal setting, resilience and teamwork.

Pinar Pinzuti, Marketing Manager at Bikenomist

My deepest fear was that I was inadequate. I kept asking myself ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? One day I just stopped asking these questions. I started to do things that excite and frighten me, developing skills and the ability to learn. Today, I can say that I made peace with my imperfections, which makes me unique. Now I want to help more women to get on board.

Sandra Waschnewski, CEO of Veloine

Today's businesses are challenged by change and innovation. By embracing diversity and a culture of equality, the cycling industry has a tremendous opportunity to unlock new perspectives and achieve better business outcomes.

Sara Ylipoti, COO of Ride On

The Cycling Sector is flourishing rapidly and seeing exponential support and interest. Not only is it a great time to be in this sector, it is also a great time to ensure we pave the way for diverse users and professionals in this sector. By supporting, helping and mentoring one another; we can ensure cycling is a welcoming place for all.

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