Smoove is a world-leading designer of bike-sharing systems, based in France. It was created in 2008 by cycling enthusiasts as bike-sharing services began to flourish. Smoove has since rolled out technologies to 23 cities over 5 continents; from Helsinki to Vancouver, Moscow, to Lima and Paris - home to the world's largest and most used electric bike-share scheme. With 20,000 bikes (35% of which are electric) and 1,400 stations, the Paris-Vélib scheme alone generates 40 million rides per year with peaks of 215,000 rides per day.

Smoove recently announced its union with Zoov - the technological benchmark in self-service electric bikes in Europe, and creator of the world’s most compact and economical parking and charging infrastructure. With services already in place in the south of Paris, Bordeaux and Landerneau, Zoov also provides a range of services to allow operators of all sizes to operate Zoov technologies as their own.

By combining the best bike-sharing technologies and 15 years' of experience working hand in hand with cities, Smoove and Zoov are bidding to become a European champion of sustainable mobility and to reinvent urban transport. Together, Smoove and Zoov have 54,000 bikes and 4,000 stations in circulation in 29 cities around the globe.


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